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DDP delivery in Ukraine

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) – it’s delivery of goods (parcels, samples, etc.) under international INCOTERMS 2010 rules. The main feature of this delivery is payment of all customs formalities and fees (including export and import) by shipper. Shipper (seller) should take all risks for cargo transportation, insurance customs formalities in country of departure and in country of delivery as well. Under DDP term, consignee gets cargo ownership on the last stage of delivery. Only when cargo reaches consignee’s warehouse and he sign delivery note. As a result, consignee gets cargo in his hands completely cleaned from import formalities.

DDP in Ukraine 

How to deliver under DDP term to Ukraine?

So, shipper (for example located in UK) should arrange everything: including customs formalities in country of departure, delivery to Ukraine, customs clearance in Ukraine and delivery to the consignee’s door. But there are some issues according DDP procedure in Ukraine. Below we will try to explain some features.

Normally on DDP basis, import duties and taxes should pay shipper of goods. But according Ukrainian legislation payment for duties and taxes can be arranged only by Ukrainian company that registered in Ukraine. But shipper (non-resident) can hire Ukrainian company which will organize customs clearance and pay import duties and taxes. The most easiest and convenient way is to use DATRANS services. We will help with all issues that can occur: handling, brokerage services, payment for all duties and taxes, and delivery to the door.

If you have needed to organize shipment under DDP term and you don’t know how to organize it?! You are welcome to contact DATRANS and we will help you with your task. Since we have big experience in such inquires.

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